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Friends of Carol

Here’s a picture of Carol taken by Sanjay Bonde, after we’d shared a milkshake after her lunch. She’s all strapped in for me to return her to De Un Amor.

Sanjay, a Silicon Valley CEO we know through exercise class, and his charming wife Sangeeta, called De Un Amor, looking for Carol on their way to Carmel and found us at the Cadillac Cafe in Watsonville where I’d taken Carol for a milkshake.

This picture is from inside the cafe:

The last two pictures are of Carol with Sanjay, one from yesterday and one from November 2016, two months before Carol moved to De Un Amor, where she’s been well taken care of for over three years now. Last year she was taken off Hospice and then, later, Palliative Care. Too healthy!

Carol's charm and her grace hasn’t reduced by one millionth.  Her eyes warmly engage and penetrate your soul, exuding compassion befitting an angel.

She sleeps a lot now, needs a wheelchair, requires help eating, and has a hard time constructing a full sentence (those pesky irretrievable nouns) but she smiles a lot and truly seems to enjoy her life. I usually help her with lunch and then take her out for a car ride, often to the ocean. She responds so warmly that the long drive seems effortless.

Carol and I only do the milkshake routine once a month or so, but Sanjay and Sangeeta tracked us down.

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Probably Susan
Probably Susan
Apr 04, 2022

She shines, shines, shines. What a beautiful soul.




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